Marketing automation with Swiss roots

Our mission and vision was created in 2017 out of a simple motivation: to make marketing automation accessible to medium-sized companies. This conviction arose from the realization that none of the existing solutions on the market addressed the needs of small and medium-sized companies. Therefore, with maatoo we have created a solution based on three convictions:

Only strategy and methodology guarantee sustainable success in digital marketing

If required, we offer training for each customer or partner before using maatoo. We train from the development of personas to suitable customer journeys and support their mapping within maatoo.

Live product support, directly where the problems arise

We have integrated a direct help chat with our team of experts in maatoo. We provide support for any questions regarding the use of maatoo. Our goal is to always provide a useful answer by the next morning at the latest.

Simple usability, despite the thematic complexity

Yes, digital marketing is complex and so is automation. That's why we constantly invest in easy usability and functions that are suitable for medium-sized businesses.

Operating deep in the Swiss mountains

With a team that's always there for you

Open Source in the core

maatoo is based on the publicly available product mautic. This does not create any customer loyalty to a product manufacturer for you. Our service also compensates for all the inconveniences that an open source project normally entails. We are constantly developing functions that are tailored to the needs of medium-sized companies.

Community at the heart

We are convinced of the Open Source community. Accordingly we are involved in the development of the open source project mautic, as well as in the local community. With our team we are the main participants of Mautic and are passionately involved in the worldwide community.

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