Learn from your customers

Successful digital marketing starts with your customers. With the integrated web analytics tool you can observe the customer behaviour of your website, identify new website visitors and their interests. The gained insights lay the foundation of successful digital marketing.


Gain important insights with web analytics

Integrate the web tracking code on your website and analyse the behaviour of your customers. By means of web analytics you can see how well your website works. Web analytics reveals weak points of your digital marketing and gives you insights about which contents are relevant for your customers. Observe the customer behaviour on your website and accompany your website visitors from anonymous surfers to identified contacts.

From an anonymous user to an identified contact

Thanks to maatoo you can accompany your customers from anonymous visitors to enlighted customers. You never lose history of customer interaction and gain a comprehensive history of every customer, on which you can build and individualise your communication. Learn from the customer behaviour within the sales funnel and optimise every step to success.

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