Campaign automation on a new level

The campaign builder within maatoo gives you the opportunity to do more than automated emailing as usual campaign automation tools do. With maatoo you integrate all your communication channels and communicate efficiently, relevant and fully automated.


Keep the overview

With the visual campaign builder you create simple and complex campaigns in a twinkling. You create processes, contents and desired channels in the campaign builder and let maatoo do the rest. By means of the dynamic customer segmentation your contacts are contacted at the right time through the right channel.

Campaign automation – designed for success

Customer orientation starts with you. With maatoo you not only get access to a very good marketing tool but also to a digital marketing strategy, which delights with simplicity and practicability. The mutually gained insights about your customers can be displayed one-to-one in the campaign builder of maatoo. This allows you a personal, relevant and automated customer communication.

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