E-mail marketing on a whole new level

With the e-mail-editor you can create great e-mail designs which can visually transfer your message even better. On top, you can underline your merits with an own and unique newsletter template. By integrating your e-mailing to  automated campaigns, you can also gain important insights for your e-mail marketing.

E-Mail Editor

Unique looks with e-mail editor

With the integrated editor you easily and fast create unique designs for your newsletters or design your own templates. With drag and drop you combine single text or image elements to an attractive looking e-mail. Send professional e-mails that are going to be read definitively.

Automated e-mail marketing

You can define the time of dispatching, the recipients and the contents of your e-mails in advance by integrating them into an automated campaign. Depending on customer segment, age group or customer interest, you can send different contents just within one single e-mail dispatch. With dynamic content you even have the option to create multiple contents in just one single e-mail. Thereby, you can keep a lean campaign structure.

High conversion rates with a/b testing

Improve the performance of your newsletter dispatch through use of a/b testing. Test different subject lines or contents in your e-mail and evaluate the results in real time. By means of the handy dashboard you can create relevant reportings for a/b testing before you know it. Consequently, you can optimise your contents specifically towards higher open and conversion rates.

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