Focus item

Do not miss an opportunity to draw the attention of anonymous visitors to a special offer. Thanks to focus items you can contact your visitors nearly anytime and turn them into customers.

Focus Item

Activate your visitors with focus items

An anonymous visit is nice but a known lead is even better. By means of the focus items you can contact your customers unobtrusively and get them enthusiastic about interacting with your company. You can decide whether you want to show information to your customer, to present a form to be filled out or to recommend a link.

Appealing look

Depending on the use case, it is important to have an appealing look of the focus item. Within maatoo you can chose between a simple overlay at the side of the window, an unobstrusive modal or an unmissable and full-screen banner. The integration of the focus item can be done in any location of your website by yourself and can then be used within an active Campaign.

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