The personalisation of your communication based on the behaviour of your customers and the demographic attributes has a lot of capabilities. Create dynamic components like forms or landing pages and personalise existing content on your website with maatoo.


Nothing less but personal

You can personalise your existing websites on a simple way with maatoo. Create needed content in maatoo and define the places that have to be personalised. Based on demographic characteristics, maatoo can individually display the contents for every single visitor. In addition, you can personalise your e-mail-communication with the same mechanism and delight your customers with a high relevancy.


Give your customers central access to white papers, checklists and other useful information. Thereby keep an eye on statistics per asset and optimise your documentation based on the behaviour of the customers.

Forms just simple

With maatoo you can easily create forms and integrate them to any desired website. By means of the embedded intelligence of the forms you can enrich your customer information step by step instead of presenting deterring forms with twenty or more lines to your customers.

Landing pages

Build responsive landing pages for your offers, projects or campaigns. By means of the simple interface you can build respective sites in a twinkling to support your marketing activities. With the well-structured dashboard you can pursue the visits on your website in real time.

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