Social media marketing

With social media monitoring in maatoo you can actively manage the activities of the community on Twitter and multiply your customer addresses via Facebook.

Social Media

Twitter monitoring

To be successful on Twitter marketing, you have to react quickly to posts and comments. With the help of social media monitoring you can constantly keep an eye on hashtags and mentions. So you can react to comments, questions and concerns more quickly. Do not miss out on anything and interact with your customers.

Audience management on Facebook and Instagram

Today’s customer is ambitious and expects to be addressed individually and personally. It is very important to choose for the right communication channel. Thanks to integrated synchronisation of segments to Facebook and Instagram you can address your contacts directly on the right network at the desired time – completely automated out of campaigns.

Social login

Keep it as simple as possible for your customers. Thanks to a well-placed social login, it is possible to share contents and services with your customers with one click. By means of the login you can get into contact with your customers and address them specifically. The social login can be used for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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