Privacy policy

Last updated on: 13th of July 2018

This privacy policy (“policy“) describes our guidelines with regard to acquisition, use and transfer of personal data by the service maatoo (”service”), accessible via, operated by 55 weeks ag (“us”, “we” or “our”) as well as the different marketing activities (website, offline activities, social media, e-mail in html format, named “channels”).


Referrals and links on third-party websites do not lie within our range of responsibilities. Any responsibility for such websites will be rejected. The access and use of such websites are on the risk of the user.

Which kind of data we collect

Personal data include all data which can be used to get to know your identity. This can be for example your name or your e-mail-address. Non personal data, however, are information that cannot be clearly associated with you like the amount of users on a website.

Collection of personal data

When you are interacting with the channels, we might collect personal data. The potentially collected data contain:

  • your name and your physical address as well as e-mail-addresses and telephone numbers
  • behavioural and demographic attributes, provided that they are linked to personal identifiers
  • transactional behaviour on the channels in the past
  • data about your company like name, size or site of your company and your role within the organization


Collection of usage data

To guarantee high safety and ideal use of our channels and to optimize their availability, we safe selected usage data of visitors when they are accessing the channels. There is no analysis of this usage data in order to create personal user profiles.

Usage data include:

  • unique IDs like a cookie inserted to your personal computer, mobile device IDs or device IDs
  • internet-protocol-addresses (“IP-addresses”) and data which have been derived from your IP-address, like your geographical location
  • information on your devices like information that is included in http-headers (to be defined herafter) or other internet transfer protocol signals, type of browser or device and version, operating system, user agent identifier and information on the presence and use of “apps” on your mobile devices, screen resolution and your preferred language
  • usage data about your use of channels like clicked or visited websites and visited content areas as well as date and time of the activities
  • websites that you have used for localisation und navigation to the channels

Sometimes we link usage data with personal data, e.g. an exact geographical location with your name. If we are linking usage data with personal data, we handle these linked data like personal data.

How we use and share data

Personal data

We make use of personal data that has been shared with us for the following purposes:

    • Implementation of marketing tailored to your needs
      We use personal data in order to inform you about new products or services. Your visit on our website will be tailored to your needs based on the personal data. In addition, we might measure the success of our marketing campaigns based on personal data.
    • Reply to enquiries
      We use personal data to reply to your enquiries as concrete as possible, in order to generate the highest possible value by replying to the enquiries
    • Interaction on third-party social networks
      We might use personal data to communicate with you on third-party social networks. These interactions underlie the privacy policy and use policy of the respective network
    • Improvement of relevance on the channels
      We might use personal data to personalise contents on the channels. The realisation of higher and more personal relevance of the channels’ content is at the centre
    • Shared sales activities within the network of inspiration
      We coordinate our sales activities with our partners of the network of inspiratio ( Maatoo as well as the partners of inspiratio have access to your personal data and information about sales activities. All parties are separately responsible to manage the collected personal data that has been collected for shared sales activities. We recommend to read the privacy policies of these partners in order to get answers to questions that you might have with regard to the use of your personal data.
    • Improvement of products, services and experiences
      We can use your personal data to evaluate and improve our products, services, marketing activities and customer relations.
    • Communication with you regarding conferences or events
      We or our partners might inform you about conferences or events that are hosted or supported by us or one of our partners. Thereby you might get information on the topics of the event, logistics, payment, changes and additional meetings, special performances or efforts that we offer to you in relation to the event registration.

Usage data

Subject to contrary provisions in applicable law, we may use, transfer and disclose other collected data for any purposes. If we are obliged by applicable law to treat other data like personal data, we will exclusively use and disclose them the same way as we do with personal data.

How we collect data

The use of automated interactions with may change due to technological change.  In the following it is described in detail how maatoo currently makes use of data that has been collected by means of automated interactions.

Electronic protocols of communication

When visiting websites or reading html e-mails there are automatic information transfers with the connection build-up due to technology. Most of the time, information about network access (from where you are accessing), device (hardware and browser or e-mail-client), your IP-address (is associated with geographical location and company) as well as date and time are concerned.


We insert marketable techniques like cookies or tracking pixels (invisible graphics) on our website. They are used to make our website user-friendly, effective and secure. Cookies are small text documents which are locally stored in the cache of the internet browser and allow for recognition of the relevant browser. Next to so-called session-cookies, which are deleted automatically if you logout or close the browser, we also use permanent cookies for functions like “keep me logged-in on this computer”. These cookies recognise a recurring visitor. Our cookies do not cause damage on your computer.
You can prohibit the installation of cookies by means of the corresponding setting of your browser software. Of course you can delete cookies anytime by means of the corresponding function of your browser. If you delete cookies or prohibit cookies in your browser, this might affect the function of the website.

Personalised and embedded URLs

We might use personalised or embedded URLs which allow us to identify you without cookies. By using an obviously personal or embedded URL, there might be personal data captured when you navigate through our website.

Embedded pixels and tracking technologies

We can insert embedded pixel technologies to the electronic channels in order to identify single user visits (in contrast to overall visits) or to serve advertising purposes. Embedded pixels or other technologies can also be inserted to e-mails or to online advertising. In this case they indicate when an e-mail or advertisement has been opened and how effective marketing campaigns are. The data collected by means of this technology can be linked to the e-mail-address of the recipient.

Advertisement with third-parties

See privacy policy for interest-based advertising

Disclosure and adjustment of data / deletion of data

On request we will inform you anytime which data about you is stored by us. If false information should be stored by us despite our efforts for accuracy, completeness and actuality, we will correct them immediately on your request. You can contact our privacy officer with a description of your concern at .

Storage and deletion

The criterion for the duration of storage of personal data is the respective legal storage period. Upon expiry of the period, the respective data will be deleted routinely, provided that they are not required anymore for fulfilment or initiation of a contract.

Safety by means of technical or organisational measures

For safety in processing of data, we use technical and organisational measures according to article 32.1 EU-GDPR, to protect personal data against random or wilful manipulation, loss, damage or the access by unauthorised persons. The safety measures in use are checked and optimised on a regular basis according to technological development.

Protection of minors

Persons which have not turned 16 are not allowed to communicate personal data to us without the allowance of their legal guardians. Personal information may only be provided for us with the explicit allowance of legal guardians if the persons have not turned 16 or from persons in the age of 16 or older. These data will be processed according to this guidelines.

International transfers

If we process data in a third-country (e.g. outside of European Union (EU) or safe third-country on behalf of EU) or this happens due to utilisation of third-party services or disclosure respectively transfer of data to third-parties, this only takes place if it happens for the fulfilment of our (pre)contractual duties, on the basis of your consent, due to a legal obligation or on the basis of our legitimate interest.

Subject to legal or contractual permissions, we only process or let process data in a third-country with the presence of the special preconditions according to article 44 and following GDPR. That is, the processing is based e.g. on a basis of special guarantees like the officially accepted declaration of a privacy level comparable to the one of the EU (e.g. “privacy shield” in U.S.) or with respect to officially accepted special contractual obligations (so-called “standard contract clauses”).

Confidential data

We ask you not to send or disclose confidential personal data (e.g. national insurance number, information on race or ethnical origin, political opinions, religious or other beliefs, health, criminal records or union memberships) to us.


Our privacy officer is reachable at

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