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«Thanks to the campaign with maatoo, we were able to record a 40% increase in registrations for the information events in the first year.» – Pascale Rippstein, Head of Communications, University of Applied Sciences FHNW

Initial situation

A lot of time passes from the time of an initial interest in training or further education to registration for a course. Those interested may first visit the FHNW website, register for an information event at a later date in the best case, visit it – or not – get information from other schools in the meantime and only come back to the FHNW’s offers later. The probability is high to lose interested parties on this way. The aim of our integrated campaign was to generate attention for the Bachelor’s degree programmes of the University of Life Sciences FHNW, to address potential students and to persuade them to attend an information event. The marketing automation made it possible to accompany interested parties to the information events with personalised and relevant communication measures and to enter into a personal, further dialogue. In this way, future students are to be more strongly bound and more quickly persuaded to register for one of our courses.

maatoo in action

The marketing automation tool maatoo was integrated into the campaign pages and the customer journey was mapped with so-called campaigns to automate customer communication as much as possible. Particularly noteworthy is the automated but at the same time personalized registration process for the information events. In addition to a confirmation e-mail, this also included a reminder e-mail with a personal timetable link and a follow-up e-mail depending on the actual participation. The secretary’s office manually recorded the attendance or nonattendance of an information evening and subsequently triggered automatically adapted actions in maatoo; a thank you with registration options for participation or a note about the next event in case of absence. The reminder mail as well as the follow-up mail led to a noticeable decrease in the number of interested parties who stayed away (“no-show” rate) with a simultaneous increase in new registrations for a next event due to the follow-up mail. In this segment in particular, an above-average probability of registering for a course of study was ultimately found.

Likewise, the actions of customers were stored on the website in maatoo, so that their specific interests for a course of study could be identified. The resulting optimised campaign showed its effect: in the first year, an increase in registrations for information events of 40% was achieved. New registrations for courses also increased. Moreover, the fact that all the data was brought together in a single system made it possible for the first time to obtain a complete picture of the interested parties.

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