From content to customer

With good content and stories, many visitors are already directed to their own online presence. However, once the potential customer has arrived on the website, his visit is often no longer or only very limitedly processed. With maatoo this situation changes fundamentally.

Reduction of complexity through structuring

Many of our customers are desperate before our cooperation because of the supposed complexity of digital marketing. Often the difficulties begin with identifying a starting point or taking the first steps in a defined direction.

We at maatoo have developed a successful and practicable way for small and medium-sized businesses by structuring the planned activities in a simple and clear way.

Who are our customers

The first step in structuring is to record your own customers as so-called personas. Personas are fictitious representatives of your own target groups. Based on these persons, any discussion about content and its relevance for the target group becomes much more tangible and accordingly easier to write.


Customer phases as guidelines

Customer phases are used for the targeted classification of the planned measures. Important for further clarity is the answering of questions such as:

  • Is social media customer retention or customer acquisition?
  • How do I develop a customer from a newsletter subscriber to a customer?
  • What is a deal for me and how do I bring it about?
  • How does my offer feel for the customer?

Basically four different customer phases can be identified:



Awareness among potential customers can be generated either through relevant content or classic outbound measures such as Adwords or social advertising. It is important to generate as many relevant visits as possible on a self-controlled online presence, ideally your own website.


Each visitor has a defined intention and a desired result of the visit. It is therefore essential for a company to know why a visit is considered successful or in need of improvement. KPIs such as bounce rate, length of stay and pages visited provide information about the potential for improvement.


A transaction need not directly represent a purchase transaction. Often, even the first contact can be considered a successful conclusion. Wherever possible, remove hurdles for a conclusion. What seems logical, however, is in 90% of the cases not in the center of marketing considerations.

Customer loyalty

Often all the energy is put into generating new customers and the existing customers are neglected. What is incomprehensible after the purchase is at the same time incomprehensible before the purchase - if not by the customer, then by a person close to the customer.

Touchpoints per customer phase

Based on the personas and customer phases, the touchpoints, i.e. communication channels relevant to the target groups, are placed on the customer phases as a further step. In this way, the purpose of the respective touchpoint becomes clear quickly. Its design then follows its function.


Marketing automation as a connection

Last but not least, care must be taken to ensure that a visitor is not lost between the touchpoints. This is where maatoo comes into play as marketing automation. Begin step by step to store the transitions from one touchpoint to another and from one phase to another as automated campaigns in maatoo.


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