The further development of the newsletter

You already have great success with your newsletter, several thousand subscribers and high opening rates? maatoo can now take you to the next step and show you what really interests your customers and what actions your communication triggers.

From opening rates to closing

Opening rates are still the primary KPI measured in newsletter marketing. However, in a view that focuses on the conclusion, this is only the tip of the iceberg. maatoo therefore not only measures opening rates, but also the click rates of links and the further behaviour of customers on the website. maatoo uses segmentation and personalisation to bring about a conclusion.

Lead Management

Optimization of every single step

Each intermediate step is measured by maatoo and can be optimized. The click rates in a newsletter can be improved by A/B testing. Customers are activated via personalization on the website and retargeting can be controlled automatically via social media such as a Facebook Custom Audience. Each optimization of an intermediate step results in an improved overall result and therefore more customers and higher sales. This is measurable and can be viewed at any time via the dashboard.


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