Revitalising a tourism destination with the help of maatoo

“New PostAuto destinations and the use of online channels have brought a breath of fresh air to our campaign – supported by marketing automation with maatoo. – Ulla Schu, Marketing Communications Berne/Northern Switzerland Region, PostAuto

Initial situation

To market new leisure destinations in the Bernese Oberland, starting from the hubs of Meiringen, Reichenbach, Interlaken and Gstaad, PostBus designed a campaign with various online and offline measures. The core idea was to identify potential customers and their interests. They were then to be interactively integrated during the campaign and, thanks to specific segmentation, provided with targeted information about the new destinations. With, the Swiss solution for marketing automation, customers were to be systematically developed and individually addressed.

maatoo in action

The campaign’s central hub was a microsite on the Bernese Oberland with events placed on an interactive map. A campaign was designed around the world of experience in the Bernese Oberland, the main attraction of which was a competition. This was implemented with maatoo. In a first phase, customer data was collected by means of competition participation. In the second phase, the participants were informed of winnings by e-mail and a survey of their interests was carried out. In the third phase, PostAuto informed the competition participants about interest-specific and individual offers. The interaction thanks to the competition worked – maatoo automatically segmented the participants according to their interests in the background. So-called segment mails could then be created in maatoo and sent directly to interested customers. The competition participants were administered with the help of maatoo and the opening and click rates of the mails were analysed. Thanks to the latest technology, it is possible to activate and enliven an excursion area – this is also possible with maatoo.

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