Multi-channel campaign with personalized survey URLs

«With maatoo we can be close to the needs and worries of workers in times of Corona.» – Nicole Niedermüller, Head of Communications, Union UNIA Zurich-Schaffhausen

Initial situation

Inspired by other campaigns with maatoo, the Unia labor union of the Zurich-Schaffhausen region wanted to go one step further. This time the wish was to conduct a personalised survey on the current situation of members during the corona virus. With this, Unia wanted to have a precise overview in order to be able to help and support in a targeted manner. The generated links to the survey were to be sent by e-mail or SMS – in five languages. Each member was also to receive an SMS as a thank you after the survey was completed. The demand increased due to the integration of further tools, but maatoo went along with it.

maatoo in action

The campaign logic was set up in maatoo: each member with a specified mobile number received an SMS in the correct correspondence language, all others received an e-mail in the correct language. In addition to the personal address and the text, SMS and e-mail each contained a generated short link. A short link was necessary. The five-language questionnaire in type form was preconfigured by means of link parameters in such a way that the information already recorded by Unia in maatoo could be displayed to the member for checking. Thus, the link became very long, which tends to be rather unfavourable in SMS. So not only were the parameters dynamized for each maatoo contact, but they were also transferred to a URL-shortener via script and returned to the contact. In addition, the completion of the typeform questionnaire was also tracked and transmitted to maatoo so that personalised thank you could be sent immediately. This way maatoo was able to offer the Unia members a smooth experience: from the receipt of the SMS or mail, to the personal greeting in the questionnaire including the contact details, to the immediate thank you. maatoo makes such projects possible.

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