Professional management of inquiries in the Corona crisis

«Thanks to maatoo we were able to answer the many corona questions from employees quickly and specifically. In addition, maatoo supports us very strongly in communicating with potential new members in a target group-oriented manner.» – Roberto Saez, Head of Marketing, Unia

Initial situation

The coronavirus has hit many employees in full force and led to great uncertainty. Many legal questions arose in the world of work. The labor union Unia is there for the employees! It provides them with legal advice and supports those affected in enforcing their rights.
On its website, Unia has prepared the most important questions relating to the corona virus in several languages. But often the answers do not fit the specific situation of the person concerned. In this case, Unia offers the possibility to ask specific questions via a contact form. These questions – from members and non-members alike – are then answered individually by Unia consultants.

maatoo in action

In order to be able to deal with the plethora of enquiries promptly and professionally, Unia relies on marketing automation from maatoo. Upon an enquiry, one immediately receives an automated thank-you e-mail with further tips – in the employee’s native language. The information on the form is triaged by maatoo directly to the responsible department at Unia, where the question can be answered very quickly and personally. In addition, the subsequent lead management for non-members can be automated and personalised. maatoo controls all interactions with potential new members and allows Unia to communicate in a target group-oriented manner.

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