Customer relationship management

Manage your addresses within maatoo and ensure consistency of communication starting from first contact to account management.

New customers thanks to intelligent tracking

Recognise new customers before they speak to one of your sales reps.

Thanks to intelligent tracking which measures the commitment of every contact, you can recognise contacts at a very early stage und treat them with automation.

Structure your data

Gain a better overview with segments and stages

Structured customer acquisition and customer loyalty starts with an elaborated structure. With dynamic segments and stages, you can address your customers with high relevancy based on their behaviour.

Automate your marketing activities

Put your energy into your customers and strengthen your customer loyalty.

We at maatoo belief that your customers deserve full attention. That is why we recommend to automate as much of your routine work as you can and use this time for customer care.

Management of addresses for contacts and companies

Manage your contacts and companies directly in the marketing automation

CRM marketing is based on the relationship between your company and one single contact. That is why one single contact forms the basis for customer relationship management. To be all set for B2B Marketing, maatoo offers the possibility to combine contacts into companies. So, you can efficiently organise your acquisition of new B2B customers.

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