Lead management

With the integrated lead management you can manage existing and new contacts easily and develop them in a structured way. Learn from every single customer and broaden your knowledge about your customers continuously.

Lead Management

At the right time

Through the integrated scoring system in maatoo you can recognise the optimal point of time to get into contact. A customer is rated based on the customer behaviour, demographic or manually inserted information from your company. So they can be contacted fully automated at the right time with the right content.

On the right channel

maatoo allows the communication to the customers independent of the channel. By means of so-called marketing messages it is possible to send a message over a channel which is preferred by the customer. It can be evaluated personally for any customer, including all translations of course.

Progressive profiling

Build up the profile of the customers step by step. It is possible to ask for another information from the customer with every interaction and so you can build a complete customer profile. By means of the connection to social login it is also possible to integrate the social media step by step into the communication channel.

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