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“With maatoo we generate more leads and can process them effectively with the help of precise segmentation.” – Philippe Neidhart, owner Neidhart SA

Initial situation

The company Neidhart SA in Plan-les-Ouates operates several B2B and B2C online shops for the worldwide sale of hobby and fitness products. In a fierce competition with competitors from low-wage countries, efficiency is extremely important: on the one hand, the quick recognition and conversion of leads and, on the other hand, efficiency in the application of the tools used.

The Geneva-based company therefore not only wanted to automate its online marketing activities and increase conversion rates, but also to bundle the various tools into a single, modern tool.

maatoo in operation

Neidhart SA has been relying on maatoo since autumn 2019. The “Swiss Army Knife for Digital Marketing” has been integrated into all their appearances. This means that the marketing manager only has to consult one system for all online marketing activities.

With maatoo’s intelligent tracking, visitors are recorded (anonymised) and assigned to the individual webshops. Customer interests become visible because maatoo registers visited product pages. Automatically assigned to the appropriate segments, targeted communication is played out.

Philippe Neidhart finds the use of so-called Focus Items particularly exciting for the generation of new leads: “A customer who stays on a product page for a long time is obviously interested in it. We then show him an input mask with which he can register for the newsletter and benefit from a discount. The customer is happy and we already know his previously visited pages and interests. Based on this, we can send him information that really interests him. The number of subscribers and conversion rates of the newsletter could be increased.

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